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This is barely even a game. This is Exit The Void, a platformer like all others. You play as Orangeboy, a regular human turned into an orange spider weirdo freak. Find the floating screaming heads to magically teleport to the next level. 

This is, like, hella early stuff. I made this in an hour. I'm uploading it now in this state to basically give me an incentive to make it better. I'll be trying to constantly update this and slowly make it cooler and cooler over time as I learn the in's and outs of game development and all that cool fun stuff. So stick around to see where this project goes! It could go far, or it could go hurtling into the void right behind Orangeboy. Only time will tell!


A: move left

D: move right

W: Jump

R: Restart game

There are currently 6 levels but I'll be adding more (hopefully) soon. Oh and there aren't any checkpoints, if you hit R you start the whole game over because I like making artificial difficulty. Enjoy!

Install instructions

Pretty sure ya just hit download


Exit The Void Alpha V.0001.exe 2 MB

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